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Our Community Pillar: Economic Empowerment

Triangular Pillars

Coca-Cola Beverages Florida, LLC (Coke Florida) is committed to the communities where we live, work and play. As the locally owned Coca-Cola bottler serving over 21 million Florida consumers, we create shared value through engagement across three Community Pillars: Sustainability, Education, and Economic Empowerment.

Coke Florida is dedicated to empowering underserved communities by providing the foundation to build a viable and sustainable future. Our commitment and service focuses on areas of Economic Empowerment:​ Stability and Self-Reliance, Job Readiness, and Business Mentorship.

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Stability and Self-Reliance

Through partnerships, funding, and hands-on service, Coke Florida contributes to many efforts to enable community members to become self-sufficient and progressive in their life and society.

Coke Florida Stability & Self-Reliance Opportunities

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

Coke Florida invests in community programs that focus on building financial literacy and leadership skills as key ways for individuals to achieve self-sufficiency.

Technology Empowerment


Coke Florida partners and volunteers with organizations that focus on preparing students and adults for technology in the workforce. The company also has a technology training series that develops skills in intelligent automation (IA) and coding.

Second Chance Programs

Second Chance Programs

Coke Florida Human Resources partners with certified community organizations to provide employment opportunities to non-violent offenders whose skills support an essential part of our business.

Enabling Home Ownership

Enabling Homeownership

Coke Florida invests and directs resources to enhance the quality of life for residents. The company sponsors home-builds through Habitat for Humanity affiliates. Coke Florida associates volunteer hundreds of hours supporting home improvement projects.

Job Readiness

Access to resources, for individuals and the community, is critical to achieving full academic potential.

Coke Florida is committed to providing access to various types of resources – educational and technological to underserved students. Our commitment also includes partnering with and supporting events, organizations, and programs that provide youth with the tools and resources they need to succeed.

Economic Leadership

Coke Florida Job Readiness Initiatives

Workforce Development

Workforce Development​

Coke Florida has partnerships with local organizations that help connect businesses with workforce talent and training programs.

Summer Internship

Summer Internship Program

​The Coke Florida Internship Program is a 12-week program open to enrolled college Junior and Senior year students. It provides opportunities to gain real work experience, develop projects that impact our business, and coaching and mentorship from professionals.

Business Mentorship

Business Mentorship

​Through mentorship, Coke Florida leverages “big business” insights, leadership, and subject matter experts to cultivate relationships with small businesses, minority-owned businesses, and women-owned businesses. ​

Coke Florida Business Mentorship Opportunities



Coke Florida sponsors business related seminars and symposiums across our sales territories in partnership with agencies and organizations such as Chambers of Commerce and Urban League affiliates.​

Expansion of small businesses

Expansion of Small Business Academies​

Coke Florida partners with governmental and community agencies and programs to provide mentoring to small business owners. Participants gain access to the Coke Florida leadership team and receive valuable insights and guidance to help expand and grow their business.

Our Community Pillars

Sustainability. Education. Economic Empowerment.

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